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This is the homepage for the IMP Project. We aim to provide a versatile system for cross platform messaging. Currently we have stable versions of the IMP client available for Windows, Linux/GTK+ and Linux/Console. These are known as wimp, glimp and limp. Servers are available for both windows and linux.


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There are currently two main versions of IMP available:

Both are available for download from our ftp server, the stable releases can be found here. And the development releases can be found here.

The IMP Protocol

The IMP Protocol is designed to be simple to understand and easy to implement. Although, the development of the IMP C++ class, means that any client on Linux or Windows, coded in C++ does not need to wonder about the actual workings of the protocol. The 2.0 protocol has not been finialised yet, but when it is details will be available from this site.


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